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The company “Equipment World” is a Laboratory and Testing equipment from a leading Russian manufacturer.
Our company uses innovative technologies in the production of drying ovens and climate test chambers.For more than a decade of experience in production - we have decided more than a hundred of unique tasks in their complexity that other manufacturers were afraid to undertake.


We produce cameras according to the customer’s specifications, with the required overall dimensions, in the shortest possible time and at the lowest prices.
Unique offers for our customers.
Trade organizations provided discounts and bonuses!
We produce more:
Industrial drying chambers are designed for thermal drying of raw materials, heating of any materials, sterilization, drying, vulcanization, melting, as well as for heat treatment at the highest temperatures.


Laboratory drying chambers - necessary for the thermal aging of materials, thermal testing, use for sterilization, drying, tests for high temperatures.
Low-temperature furnaces (from +350 to +500) - have a unique thermal insulation, accelerated creation of maximum temperature, a modern solution for air recirculation, which allows you to maintain the preset temperature within the range of +50 to +500 ° С.
Climatic chambers Heat Moisture - designed to indicate the degree of influence of high humidity, in the range from 10% to 98% at temperature range of 10 ° C to 80 ° C, on the performance of systems and the quality of materials.


Climatic chambers Heat Cold - is used as industrial equipment for processing products with cold up to -80 ° С.
Climatic chambers Heat Moisture Cold - the most versatile and therefore indispensable test chambers for each laboratory, test center. Allows you to conduct research on the effects of high and low humidity and temperature.
Muffle Laboratory and Industrial Furnaces - designed to perform a wide range of work in various fields, including orthopedic dentistry, in the food, light, heavy, chemical industry, in the manufacture of jewelry and ceramics, as well as metalworking and ore-dressing enterprises, expanded clay and brick factories.
Non-standard equipment for the heat treatment of materials - has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of non-standard equipment for heat treatment. We will help you to embody your wildest ideas.
Weather Simulation Test Chambers — allow for the series of climate tests. The peculiarity of these tests is that they are aimed at identifying the degree of equipment resistance to the effects of external factors.


Vacuum drying chambers are widely used for drying and heating products in a vacuum and air environment.
Thermostats - maintain the preset temperature within the range of +35 to +100 degrees. With cooling, set temperature is maintained from 0 to +100 degrees.
Climatic chambers for specialized tests according to GOST intended for work in laboratories and industrial plants.
- Chambers on the frost resistance of concrete by the third accelerated method
- Chambers on the content of volatile substances
- Chambers on concrete frost resistance
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