The fundamental GOST R 1.1 and GOST R 1.2 will be finalized within six months



MOSCOW, January 29, 2020 - At the site of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, an expanded meeting of the technical committee for standardization TC 012 «Methodology of Standardization» was held to discuss new versions of fundamental national standards.


The meeting was led by Deputy Head of Rosstandart, Chairman of TC 012 Anton Shalaev, First Deputy Chairman of the RSPP Committee for Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment Andrei Lotsmanov and Chairman of the RF CCI Committee for Technical Regulation, Standardization and Product Quality Sergey Pugachev.

The event aroused great interest of the professional community and attracted a wide range of experts to the discussion. The meeting was attended by representatives of Rosstandart and other executive authorities, the RSPP Committee for Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment, the RF CCI Committee for Technical Regulation, Standardization and Product Quality, Delovaya Rossiya public organizations, OPORA RUSSIA, large industrial companies, scientific organizations - in total over 200 experts.

Anton Shalaev emphasized in his speech that, based on the results of the application of the law «On Standardization in the Russian Federation», the fundamental standards required not so much a gradual introduction of amendments and additions as a radical revision, and with regard to the whole complex of fundamental standards.

The central topic of discussion was the results of public discussion of new versions of draft fundamental standards GOST R 1.1 «Standardization in the Russian Federation. Technical committees for standardization. Rules for the establishment and activities», GOST R 1.2 «Standardization in the Russian Federation. National standards of the Russian Federation. Rules for the development, approval, updating, amendment, suspension and cancellation».

The format of the open meeting allowed us to discuss and take a number of agreed decisions, including establishing the mandatory application of GOST R 1.1, the use of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Beresta” in the development of standards, the introduction of accelerated procedures for amending the standards, ensuring their compliance with changes in the legislative and regulatory framework, establishing procedures for changing the leadership, composition and structure of the technical committee, as well as decision-making procedures for the reorganization (liquidation) of the technical committee, based on the results of control, monitoring and evaluation and the effectiveness of the technical committee activities conducted Rosstandart.

It was noted that the implementation of the provisions of fundamental national standards should contribute to the implementation of measures and the achievement of indicators and indicators defined by the Action Plan of standardization development in the Russian Federation for the period until 2027.

In order to effectively organize the completion of GOST R 1.1 and GOST R 1.2 projects, a decision was made to create an expert working group and a preliminary composition of the participants was formed. At the same time, quite strict deadlines for preparing documents for approval were determined: GOST R 1.1 - in July 2020, GOST R 1.2 - in April 2020.

Also within the framework of the meeting, the issue of preparing for approval of new revisions of GOST R 1.12 «Standardization in the Russian Federation. Terms and definition» and GOST R 1.4 «Standardization in the Russian Federation. Standards of organizations. General Provisions».

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