Sernia Engineering: results of work at Testing & Control 2019



Serniya Engineering thanks everyone who visited the company's booth at the 16th International Exhibition of Testing and Measuring equipment Testing & Control 2019.


Serniya Engineering presented technologies for checking the quality of electronic components, demonstrated methods for checking electrical characteristics and methods of functional control of electronic components. As exhibits of the stand were presented:

  • Tektronix Oscilloscopes with Touch Screen MDO3 / MSO4 / MSO5 / MSO6
  • 4200A-SCS Keithley Parametric Analyzer
  • Probe Station Semiprobe PS4L M6
  • Anti-vibration desktop platform TMC
  • Source meter 2636 Keithley
  • Source meter 2461 Keithley
  • Spectrum Analyzer RSA306B
  • Atomic Force Microscope Nanoview 1000 AFM

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full photo and video report on the participation of Serniya Engineering in the Testing & Control 2019 exhibition on the company's website -
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