Company Informtest: Results of work at Testing & Control 2019



Company «Informtest» thanks everyone who visited the company's booth at the international exhibition Testing & Control 2019!

This year the company introduced new products:

PLIS NM-FMC module. The new development of the Informtest holding NM-FMC mezzanine module is a convenient means by which users can independently implement their own algorithms for receiving, transmitting and digital information processing at the hardware level. The module contains an Altera FPGA of the Stratix III family, a clock generation unit, an 8 GB DDR3 memory and a 160-pin LPC connector for connecting FMC mezzanines. It is a functional analogue of modules of the FlexRio series from National Instruments.


At the exhibition, LabVIEW support for the Informtest holding production modules was demonstrated for the first time. Now for users, all the benefits of such a popular development and automation environment as LabVIEW from National Instruments are available. LabVIEW driver support enables the user to use a graphical programming approach that helps to visualize any part of the task, including equipment setup, measurement data and debugging. This visualization allows you to accelerate the integration of measuring equipment, the development of data analysis algorithms and specialized user interfaces.


System for testing cables and bundles TEST-9110. At the exhibition, a new system option was shown - the search for a coaxial cable break. This option has become available in the TEST-9110 series systems according to the AXIe standard and is designed to search for the breakage point of a coaxial cable with its known length. To implement this function, the AXIe DPNA-6G vector network analyzer is used. The current state of the cable is determined by continuously measuring the group delay time of all elements of the S-parameter matrix.


Multichannel modular oscilloscopes based on monoblocks of the AIST series and monoblocks AXIe. At the heart of the line is the MOSC6 oscilloscope (2 channels, sampling rate 5 GG / s, 900 MHz bandwidth, 8 bands, 2 GB memory per channel). The oscilloscope software is based on the Virtual Laboratory software developed by Informtest.


AXIe-1 14-slot rack with RF Switch-18G AXIe module and MIRIG mezzanine installed. The MIRIG mezzanine for the first time shown at the exhibition is designed to receive accurate time signals, register them and synchronize jointly operating equipment. The RF Switch-18G AXIe module is a radio frequency signal switch (one input to eight outputs for each of the four input lines), operating in the frequency range from 0 to 4 GHz.


And also many other functional and telemetric systems, modules and devices were presented at the company's booth.

The key event of the exhibition was the All-Russian Scientific Conference “Measurements.Tests. Control”, at which Sergey Nikolaevich Zaichenko, General Director of the holding, spoke with the current theme «Innovative modular metrological equipment in the AXIe standard».


During the exhibition, any visitor to the stand could get advice from leading «Informtest» experts, as well as learn qualified answers to questions related to the practical use of highly reliable instrumentation developed by «Informtest».



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