Investigation of physical and mechanical surface properties of films, coatings and materials



The world of nano, micro and macro technologies has stepped far ahead with the advent of new materials and compounds of structures. It is possible to evaluate the exact potential of new products using high-precision scientific instruments of mechanical action.

Anton Paar TriTec (formerly known as CSM Instruments) is one of the leading world leaders in the development and manufacture of devices of original design for research in the field of physical and mechanical surfaces, which implements both modern and traditional research methods.

Anton Paar TriTec equipment is used to determine the mechanical properties of the surface of materials, thin films, coatings and substrates, as well as microstructure elements, phase grains at the macro, micro, nano and ultra-nano levels, and can be determined on any type of material : soft, hard, brittle or plastic, and origin: biological, organic and inorganic.



The method of instrumental (measuring) indentation allows one to obtain such characteristics as hardness, elastic modulus, latent and dissipated energy of deformation, dynamic and static modulus of elasticity, plastic deformation, fracture toughness (crack resistance). Nanohardness meters are devices that implement the method of measuring (instrumental) indentation. NHT2 Nanoturbodmer is listed in the State Register of Measuring Instruments, certificate No. 53711.



The method of Scratch testing (otherwise - the method of measuring scratching) allows you to obtain such characteristics of the material and coating as adhesion and cohesion of the coating, resistance and resistance to scratching, coefficient of friction. Scratch testers are devices that implement the method of controlled scratching. Scratch testers of the Revetest series: RST, RSX, RSX + are listed in the State Register of Measuring Instruments, certificate No. 57051.



The method of controlled friction is used and allows to obtain the characteristics: coefficient of friction, coefficient of wear of the coating, survivability (running time for wear), tribological behavior. Tribometers are devices that implement the method of controlled measurement of force and coefficient of friction. Tribometers: TRB, THT, VTR are entered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments, certificate No. 57801.




Includes ball abrasion method followed by visual measurement of thickness using an optical microscope. The method allows measurements of both one and several layers, with a thickness of 0.1 to 50 microns. Kalostest and Kalover CSM - devices that implement the ball wear method.



It is used to obtain 3D images, research and measure surface topography in order to obtain visual characteristics of the test results in 2D and 3D with a resolution of up to 0.01 nm. For this, Confocal and Atomic force microscopes are used. Such instruments are additional modules for Anton Paar TriTec measuring systems.

The supplier is Analytics and Instruments LLC, a participant in the Testing and Control 2019 exhibition.

You can get more detailed information from the specialists of Analytics and Instruments LLC at stand No. E 421 in pavilion 1/3 of Crocus Expo IEC from October 22 to 24 2019 year.

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