PRIST presents a new series of signal generators


Generators of signals - AKIP-3409A

The company announces a new series of arbitrary waveform generators, which will be presented in Russia and the CIS under the brand name AKIP. The new AKIP-3409A series replaces the AKIP-3409 series, which has long been released and has gained popularity.

The signal generators of the new AKIP-3409A series have a number of improvements. In particular, the frequency range was expanded, the sampling frequency was increased, the stability of the built-in reference oscillator was increased, the generators received a new larger display.

The AKIP-3409A series are 2-channel signal generators of a special and arbitrary shape with a maximum output frequency of up to 60 MHz, a sampling frequency of up to 150 MHz and a DAC resolution of 14 bits vertically.

Three models with a range of 10/30/60 MHz use the patented EasyPulse technology, which eliminates the disadvantages inherent in traditional DDS generators and reduces the level of jitter when generating pulse signals and square-shaped signals.  

The AKIP-3409A series of generators has two completely independent output channels, which provides the possibility of generating arbitrary signals (in frequency, amplitude and shape) and a switchable output impedance of 1 MOhm / 50 Ohm to provide the ability to connect to various paths.

Models have a practically configured menu and convenient location of controls, equipped with a large color graphic display. In the basic version, AKIP-3409A generators are equipped with a USB interface on the rear panel for remote control of devices and programming using SCPI commands. The optional USB-GPIB adapter cable provides a fully functional GPIB interface for integrating the instrument into measurement systems. To increase stability, an option is provided for a thermostatically controlled internal reference frequency source (option 100) ± 2 × 10-7 per year).

New items have extensive synchronization capabilities for modulation, start and clock modes: AUX input / output can be used to supply an external modulating frequency, input / output of a clock start signal, output of a clock pulse, there is also a separate input / output of an external reference generator.

High generator performance, low jitter and minimal harmonic distortion of the output signal, combined with a small time shift between the channels allow the formation of precision signals. The measuring resources and capabilities of the AKIP-3409A generators allow their use in a wide variety of fields, such as: research and training, testing analog sensors, simulating environmental signals, testing functional and integrated circuits, repair and service.


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