PriST presents а high-speed connection analyzers WavePulser 40iX Teledyne LeCroy


PriST is a Testing and Control exhibitor, provides measurement tools (SI) for electrical, radio, and environmental measurements - oscilloscopes, generators, voltmeters, frequency meters, power sources, power quality analyzers, multimeters, meter clamps, temperature and humidity meters and etc.

WavePulser 40iX is an ideal tool for developers and test engineers of high-speed equipment for analyzing and characterizing connectors and cables used to transfer high-speed serial protocols such as PCI Express, HDMI, USB, SAS, SATA, Fiber Channel, InfiniBand, Gigabit Ethernet and Car Ethernet.

wavepulser40ix.jpgUntil now, testing and testing interconnects have been divided into two areas: time and frequency.
  • Time-domain testing. Using TDR (reflectometry) technology to create an impedance profile by applying a probe pulse. TDR measurements are characterized by high spatial resolution, which allows to accurately determine the location of damage along the entire path, according to changes in the impedance profile.   
  • Testing in the frequency domain (frequency-domain testing, VNA - vector network analyzer). Testing in the frequency domain, characterized by a large dynamic range, and is used to measure the S-parameters of radio frequency (RF) components.

Vector network analyzers are adapted for analyzing interconnects of high-speed serial devices, but this increases the error of DC extrapolation during device modeling.

It turns out that none of the test instruments, individually, fully meets the needs of development engineers who test and check the interconnects of high-speed serial devices.

The WavePulser 40iX analyzer combines the functionality of two instruments, a vector analyzer and a reflectometer, and allows you to perform testing in both the time and frequency domains, and also provides in-depth analysis capabilities.

Fast automatic calibration and availability of the WavePulser 40iX analyzer simplifies the analysis of the physical signal path, removing the exact characteristics of serial data cables, channels, connectors, printed circuit boards, single-chip systems.

Measured S-parameters can also be used for additional analyzes, including time gating, interconnect allocation, eye diagrams, optimized alignment settings, simulation of serial data patterns, and advanced jitter analysis broken down into components.

Key features:

  • S-parameter measurement, DC ~ 40 GHz, single-ended and mixed-mode modes.
  • Impedance profile with resolution <1 mm.
  • Internal, automatic OSLT calibration.
  • Flexible measurement screen settings.
  • Removing the effect of fasteners, connectors, cables.
  • Eye diagram emulation with CTLE, DFE and FFE alignment.
  • Advanced jitter analysis capabilities.
  • USB connection, compact, lightweight.


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