Melitec presents an improved version of the carbon and sulfur analyzer


G4 Icarus Series 2 from Bruker

The new G4 Icarus Series 2 combines analysis speed and outstanding analytical performance with minimal maintenance.

Analytical accuracy is based on the use of high sensitivity high sensitivity detectors with ultra wide linear dynamic range detectors (best detection limits).

Excellent stability and accuracy thanks to a dedicated reference channel and a high-precision mass flow controller.

The highly efficient furnace design with the ZoneProtect ™ zone ensures long-term operation of the combustion chamber and virtually eliminates any maintenance of this vital part. The ZoneProtect ™ system additionally screens the entire combustion zone and protects it from splashes and dust deposits.

Better reliability, performance and user-friendliness thanks to a vacuum-free crucible dust removal system.

G4 Icarus can be used both in industrial production in harsh working conditions, and in research and contract laboratories.



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