“ACOUSTIC SYSTEMS” will present measuring microphones and auxiliary equipment


«ACOUSTIC SYSTEMS» is the official representative of GRAS in Russia.

GRAS Sound and Vibration (Denmark) is one of the world's best manufacturers of measuring microphones and ancillary equipment for them. GRAS was founded in 1994 by Gunnar Rasmussen (formerly the leading designer of Bruel and Kjaer microphones). He first designed the 1 "microphone, followed by 1/2", 1/4 ", 1/8". All this was made possible thanks to his outstanding understanding of acoustics, physics, electronics and measurement tasks.

Today, GRAS successfully works with a wide range of users in the aerospace industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, audiology, noise monitoring, building acoustics, telecommunications, metrology, education, consulting, where high-quality sound measurements and analysis are needed.

In the GRAS product list: microphones, preamps, power supplies, special measuring systems, calibrators, intensimeters, ear and mouth simulators.

GRAS microphones are made of stainless steel and come with a 5 year warranty. GRAS technology allows you to repair the microphone in case of damage to the diaphragm.
We invite you to get acquainted with the products of the company "ACOUSTIC SYSTEMS" October 22-24, 2019 in Crocus Expo.

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