State Standard Reference Service Will Get New Development


In Russia, the active development of the State Standard Sample Service (GSSO) of the composition and properties of substances and materials will continue, which is an important element of the metrological support of various branches of science, economics and life support.

This decision was made at a meeting with the participation of specialists of the GSSO structure. The event was held on March 19, 2019 in Moscow on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and Rosstandart.

The meeting was organized by the Ural Research Institute of Metrology of Rosstandart (UNIIM). Since 2009, the institute has been implementing the functions of the Scientific Methodical Center of the State Civil Society Organization. The meeting was attended by representatives of 29 organizations designated by federal executive authorities in the structure of the State Standard Reference Service. These are representatives of state scientific metrology institutes and regional metrology centers, industry experts, specialists of organizations involved in the creation and use of reference materials.

Dmitry Kuznetsov,  Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy in the Field of Technical Regulation, Standardization and Ensuring the Uniform Measurement of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia  , noted that work in the field of reference materials in Russia today focuses not only on the development of the national nomenclature of reference materials to meet the country's needs, but also to international cooperation in this area. This includes, among other things, further harmonization of GSSO documents with the provisions of international documents.

Dmitry Gogolev, Head of the Department of Metrology of the Rosstandard,   in his speech focused on the Strategy for Ensuring the Uniform Measurement of the Russian Federation until 2025. In it, considerable attention is paid to the issues of reference materials, the development of GSSO and the methodology for planning the nomenclature of reference materials.

Representatives of UNIIM, Sergey Medvedevskikh , head of the NMC GSSO , as well as  Yegor Sobina  and  Olga Kremleva, told about the GSSO development plan  . They presented the Methodological Recommendations for Planning the Nomenclature of Reference Samples of the Russian Federation and highlighted a number of organizational decisions arising from the Methodological Recommendations. In summing up the meeting, the opinions of manufacturers of reference materials were also heard. This made it possible to outline the main paths of development of the NMC GSSO for the near term and to determine the approaches to the formation of the Expert Group on industry trends in the creation of reference materials.

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