Exhibition of Testing & Control 2018: 79% of visitors are potential buyers


The 15th International Exhibition of Testing and Measuring Equipment Testing & Control was successfully held in Moscow on 23-25 October 2018.

Over the years, the Testing & Control exhibition has earned the reputation of the largest exhibition of testing and measuring equipment in terms of the number of participants and visitors, presenting a top-quality exposition and a variety of all-new products every year. This year, 114 companies from 9 countries (Russia, Japan, Iran, China, France, Turkey, Germany, USA, Ireland)  took part in the exhibition. Within three days, 11,353 people visited the Testing & Control exhibition. The total area of the exhibition exceeded 4,300 sq. m.

The Testing & Control exhibition was held at a single site with six other industrial exhibitions: PCVExpo, Power Electronics, ExpoCoating Moscow, Heat&Power, NDT Russia and FastTec. Seven exhibitions running at the same time made it possible to bring together over 570 exhibits. The total number of unique visitors to the eight exhibitions exceeded 14,000 people.

Exhibitors of Testing & Control 2018 traditionally presented a wide range of ultra-modern equipment, systems and technologies in data collection, analysis and processing and product testing.

The key business event of Testing & Control 2018 was the All-Russian Conference on “Measurement. Tests. Control”. Within three days, 335 professionals visited the conference.
The main topics of discussion were the following:
  • Priority Issues of Measuring Instruments Development in Russia;
  • Actual issues of metrological support of industry. Modern state and development of devices for metrological support of products research and testing;
  • Smart factory. Modern testing and measuring equipment;
  • Monitoring and control systems for infrastructure;
  • Methods and instruments of measurement, testing and maintenance of products in aviation industry.
Seminars by companies, such as Dipaul, Visom, GENERAL OPTIСS RICHARD WOLF GmbH, ZETLAB, Priboroteka, OCTAVA+, Acoustic Systems, ACCUDYNA, Sigm Plus, Automation and Control (AC) Laboratory, Gamma SIE were successfully held in the presentation zone.

In 2019, the 16th International Exhibition of Testing and Measuring Equipment Testing & Control will be held in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow on 22-24 October.


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