New equipment Teseq - multifunction system NSG 4070C for stability testing


A new line of Teseq products is a multifunctional compact system for testing the stability of the NSG 4070C. The flexible modular design, using both built-in and external power amplifiers, allows the NSG 4070C to be used for high frequency conductive immunity tests as well as for emitted interference for a wide variety of EMC test tasks.

The system with built-in signal generator and broadband power amplifier in the selected operating frequency range (from 4 kHz to 1 GHz), implemented in the same package, provides excellent system ergonomics and a wide range of applications, including resistance to conductive interference tests induced by RF electromagnetic fields Р 51317.4.6, GOST RV 6601-001-2008 VP2 (MIL-STD-461 CS114), КТ-160D section 20 (RTCA DO-160G section 20) and resistance to the radio frequency electromagnetic field GOST 30804.4.3-2013, GOST RV 6601-001-2008 VI1.
The complex based on the NSG 4070C allows to obtain a ready-made solution for most of the problems of stability assessment in the range up to 1 GHz and to save on the purchase of additional external devices.


System NSG 4070C-35 / -40 / -45 / -60 / -80
for resistance to conductive and radiative interference tests


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