Testing & Control Expo 2018 ETS Solutions waiting for you!


ETS Solutions was founded in 2003 and it is a world famous company dealing with mechanical environment and reliability testing solutions.

We have the most perfect global service network and the first class international team. ETS has established a sound global sales and technical service network of vibration testing system and has sold its vibration test system of independent innovation brand to America, Asia, Europe and other twenty-three countries and regions which makes ETS the leader in the world’s environmental testing field.

ETS Solutions has dozens of series and nearly one hundred types of mechanical environment testing equipment and can provide the most comprehensive consulting and training. Our products and services cover many important areas, such as military, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, electronics etc. and parts of the professional fields are at the leading level in China and at the advanced level of the world. During the last ten years of hard business, ETS Solutions(China)Ltd has brought a lot of successful experience of advanced management, research and development into China. And now, ETS has become an internationally renowned brand and has made an indelible contribution in the field of mechanical environment to China!

Every year, we take part in various exhibitions around the world to break away ourselves and make ETS better. At the exhibition Testing & Control organized by ITE, we have made a lot of new friends and we also have unlimited business opportunities. Hope we can work together to create a better future for the industrial development in China!


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