More than 100 exhibitors - a large-scale exposition of manufacturers and suppliers of testing and me


The 20th anniversary International Exhibition of Testing&Control 2023 will be held in Crocus Expo IEC on October 24-26, 2023.

More than 100 exhibitors - a large-scale exposition of manufacturers and suppliers of testing and measuring equipment at Testing&Control 2023.
Testing&Control exhibition will be of interest to specialists - representatives of industrial, research laboratories, technical control departments of enterprises of chemical, metallurgical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, instrumentation, electrical and mechanical engineering industries. 

The exhibiting companies will present X-ray diffractometers, microscopes, decfectoscopes, analyzers, spectrometers; data acquisition and processing systems; automated laboratory complexes; express analysis systems; non-contact measurement systems; hand-held measuring tools; laser projection systems; weighing equipment; sensors and gauges; software and much more.

The section of test equipment will present climatic chambers; dynamic test systems and installations; flight test equipment; high-voltage test installations; electro-optical test systems; test generators; shielded and anechoic chambers; reverberation test chambers; thermovacuum chambers; power supply network equivalents; thermal systems; test antennas; load devices and other equipment.

A business program is provided for exhibitors and guests of the exhibition, which will include the All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference "Measurements. Testing. Control".
Dates and working hours of the exhibition for visitors:
October 24: 10:00 - 18:00
October 25: 10:00 - 18:00
October 26: 10:00 - 16:00
Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, pavilion 1, hall 3
How to ger there
Exhibition exposition Testing&Control 2023
More than 100 companies from Russia, China and the Republic of Belarus will demonstrate their equipment and technologies at the exhibition. Most of the exhibiting companies will be presented in four main thematic sections of the exhibition: testing equipment, measuring equipment, analytical and laboratory equipment, equipment for production control. Let us list some of the companies.
Testing equipment: Dipol, EMT, Ostek, Erstvak, Exiton Test, Mashpriborintorg-Volna, NPK Progress, NPF Reom, NPC Samara, Sinercon, Test Partner, Testa and others.
Exiton Test Company specializes in the supply of testing equipment and provides a full range of services to equip laboratories with equipment for physical and mechanical testing.

Research and Production Company "Reom" specializes in the manufacture of test chambers: increased/reduced pressure, vacuum shock, solar radiation, statistical and dynamic dust, sprinkling and others.
BiA specializes in the design, development and manufacture of test systems for the automotive, aerospace, railway, energy industries and research institutes.
Aviaagregat-N company specializes in the development and manufacture of measuring instruments and test equipment: test benches and complexes for diagnostics of electric motors, generators, transformers, cable products and other equipment.
Measuring and metrological equipment: Top 3D Group, Ostek, BLM Synergy, Invev, Planar, Promarsenal, PriST, Melitek, Lyukon, Dipol, Test Partner, Izmerikon.
PriST" company supplies measuring instruments for electrical, radio and environmental measurements, provides services in calibration and verification of measuring instruments.
FGUP VNIIFTRI conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of metrology and ensuring the uniformity of measurements; produces secondary and working standards, high-precision measuring equipment, conducts verification and calibration of measuring instruments, metrological expertise, certification and testing of products.
Analytical and laboratory equipment: Erstvak, Exiton Analytic, Tescan, Inscan, Laboratory Solutions, Millab, Newtons, Spectral Laboratory, Synercon, YUPH Group, Medica Product.

Exiton-Analytical supplies equipment for X-ray fluorescence and optical emission analysis (analyzers, inert gas purifiers), as well as complex solutions for sample preparation.
Equipment for industrial control: LionTech-S, SKTB Koltsova, Sovtest ATE, Tekknow.
LyonTech-S company engaged in supplying equipment for electronic industry, including systems for quality control of printed circuit board assembly and test equipment for testing electronic products.
3D Control specializes in 3D control of parts and equipment geometry, 3D scanning, dynamic measurement, precise machine calibration, as well as comprehensive services for design, development and implementation of quality control systems.
Sovtest ATE equips enterprises with equipment for manufacturing, testing and testing of radio electronics and electrotechnical products, as well as develops and implements production management information systems.