3D equipment from Top 3D Group at Testing&Control 2023


Top 3D Group specializes in the supply of professional and personal 3D equipment: 3D printers, 3D scanners, CNC machines, molding equipment, as well as gadgets and accessories.

3D equipment from Top 3D Group at Testing&Control 2023
List of main products
3D printers, including industrial, consumer, medical, business, jewelry:
  • FDM (plastic printing);
  • LCD/DLP/SLA (photopolymer printing);
  • SLS (polyamide printing);
  • SLM (metal printing).
3D scanners, including those for reverse engineering, quality control, dentistry, architecture and human scanning:
  • optical;
  • laser.
CNC machines, including for cutting metal, plexiglass, wood, stone, and for engraving, marking, and leather cutting:
  • waterjet;
  • laser;
  • milling;
  • turning.
Robots, including for welding, painting, palletizing, cutting and milling:
  • gripping devices;
  • technical vision;
  • tooling for robots.
The company also provides integration project development, commissioning and training services. The company's service center is engaged in warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment with individual service contracts.
The company will present its products at Testing&Control 2023 at booth F215.
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