Laboratory equipment of "Laboratory Solutions" company at Testing&Control 2023 exhibition


The company "Laboratory Solutions" specializes in the supply of laboratory equipment for a full range of material science research, including equipment for sample preparation.

Laboratory equipment of
The list of the company's products includes a wide range of equipment for chemical analysis of metals, metallographic research and non-destructive testing:
  • elemental composition analyzers;
  • X-ray diffractometers;
  • hardness testers;
  • microscopes: direct, inverted, stereo and polarizing;
  • systems for express analysis of aluminum melt;
  • equipment for sample preparation: cutting, grinding, milling machines; vibrating mills; melting furnaces; tabletting presses; crushers;
  • equipment for materials science and metallography; 
  • equipment for analyzing sand mixtures;
  • automated laboratory complexes;
  • auxiliary laboratory equipment and consumables.
The company equips laboratories, performs commissioning, provides warranty and service maintenance of equipment, as well as conducts personnel training.

At Testing&Control 2023, Laboratory Solutions will showcase the following products in its booth F203:
  • A line of sample preparation machines for metallographic and spectral analysis manufactured by Metkon Inc;
  • DUROLINE M1 Vickers/Knoop microhardness tester;
  • portable grinding-polishing and electrolytic etching device MOBIPREP;
  • magnetic field strength meter Gauss-/Teslameter FH 51;
  • consumables for metallography, petrography, spectral analysis and gas analyzers;
  • mobile flaw detectors Magnaflux Ferrotest GWH 15;
  • Magnaflux FSM magnetic field strength meter;
  • Magnaflux EV6500 portable UV illuminator;
  • Magnaflux Y2, Y6, Y8 Kit portable electromagnets;
  • Magnaflux capillary and magnetic particle inspection consumables.
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