JSC "NIIET" presents a novelty - an automatic chamber for testing semiconductor devices and integrat

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From October 25 to 27, 2022, the 19th International Exhibition of Testing and Control Equipment - Testing&Control 2022 will be held at the Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion No. 1, Hall No. 3.

The price of the camera "AKTU-001" will be an order of magnitude lower than that of the equipment of the corresponding purpose presented on the Russian market, despite the fact that this installation will surpass similar products in technical and operational parameters. But that's not all: using the camera "ACTU-001", it will be possible to reduce the total cost of ownership, since it uses not expensive specialized liquid, but ordinary alcohol to cool the tested products.

Liquid nitrogen can also be used in the cold chamber of the installation, which makes it possible to conduct tests at a temperature of -196 °C. The fact that various coolants can be used in the cold chamber, in combination with other technical solutions, makes the equipment being developed universal: the installation will allow testing of integrated circuits and semiconductor devices with a wide range of applications.

The production of the camera "AKTU-001" is organized entirely at the facilities of JSC "NIIET" in Voronezh. The countries of origin of its components are Russia, as well as partially Belarus and China. When developing the installation, Russian CAD is used.

The technical characteristics of the camera being developed will allow it to be used for ECB tests according to the 205-3 method according to GOST RV 5962-004.2-2012, as well as for heat shock tests of semiconductor devices and other electronic components intended for the civil sector of the economy, including for use in air traffic control systems, medical, agricultural, railway equipment, automotive electronics, equipment for the nuclear industry, in information and telecommunication systems, etc.


The advantages of the camera "AKTU-001" have been confirmed by the market: two large domestic enterprises of the industry have already expressed a desire to purchase this installation.

We invite you to get acquainted with the new product at the stand of JSC "NIIET" F113. In addition, you can apply for a pre-order of this installation at a special price at the stand or on the website niiet.ru in the test equipment section.

On acquisition issues: +7(499) 404-29-11, info@niiet.ru
For technical issues: +7 (473) 280-23-12, p.parmon@niiet.ru (Parmon Pavel Leonidovich)

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