17th International Exhibition of Testing and Measuring Equipment Testing & Control
27–29 October 2020 • Moscow, Crocus Expo


The Action Plan for the Implementation of the Strategy for Ensuring Uniform Measurement in the Russian Federation until 2025

Dmitry Kuznetsov
Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy in the Field of Technical Regulation, Standardization and Ensuring the Unity of Measurements, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Metrological barriers in the way of digital transformation of industries

Gogolev Dmitry
Acting Head of the Metrology Department
Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology

Modern tasks of metrology services of industrial organizations in the implementation of the Strategy for ensuring the unity of measurements in the Russian Federation until 2025

Agupov Vladimir
Deputy Director for Quality of PJSC "Tupolev", Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of the Metrological Academy

Standardization and digital economy

Lotsmanov Andrey
First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
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Chairman of the Council for Technical Regulation and Standardization under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
Member of the Board of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart).
Member of the Board of Directors of the Russian Research Institute of the Pipe Industry (OJSC "RosNITI").
Deputy Chairman of the Technical Committee for Standardization TK 357 "Steel and Cast Iron Tubes and Cylinders".
Honorary metallurgist of Russia.

Metrological support of photonics in the application of GLONASS, remote sounding of the Earth and digital economy

Sergey Baturin
Director of VNIIOFI, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Digital economy: creating "rules of the game" through standards

Utkin Nikita
Head of programs of RVC JSC, Chairman of the TC "Cyber-physical systems"
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The last 5 years has been involved as an expert on the part of the Russian Federation in the activities of individual structures and working groups of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on the most promising technological areas.
The logical continuation of this activity was the creation in March 2017 of the technical committee for standardization "Cyber-physical systems". Nikita Utkin is Chairman of the committee. Within the framework of the technical committee, a number of national standards are being developed and adopted, as well as the development and harmonization of international standards (the technical committee is a mirror committee for the relevant ISO / IEC structures) in such promising technological areas as: Internet of Things (Internet of Things, Big Data, Smart Cities and Smart Manufacturing.
Nikita Utkin is actively involved in the implementation of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation Program in Russia

The main activities of FGUP "VNIIFTRI" in order to ensure the uniformity of measurements in the digital economy

Khrapov Fedor
Deputy General Director - Head of the Research Department for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the development, testing and application of products, Doctor of Technical Sciences FSUE "VNIIFTRI"
Lakhov Vladimir
Advisor to the Director, Ph.D., Professor, Academician of the Metrology Academy of FSUE "VNIIMS"
Petronevich Vasily
Chief Metrologist, Head of Research Department of Measuring Equipment and Metrology, FSUE TsAGI named after N.E. Zhukovsky

Metrological support of rocket and space technology and ensuring uniform measurement in rocket and space industry. Current state, ways of improving and development prospects

Aleksey Golega
Chief specialist of Quality and Safety of Rocket and Space and Military Rocket Equipment Department - Chief Metrologist
State Space Corporation "ROSCOSMOS"

Nondestructive testing in additive technologies

Natalia Muravskaya
Head of Quality Control Depatment, Doctor of Technical Sciences The All-Russian Research Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements

Research and development of measuring-information and control complex for electromechanical modeling (EMM) of flight of an aircraft

Aleksander Egorov
Professor of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of Automation of Experiment Department
Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

Calibration and graduation of measuring instruments: Philosophical arguments and mathematical results

Sergey Levin
Head of the Department of Metrology and Metrological Support Moscow Institute of Expertise and Testing, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Methods of mesuring evenness of artificial coating for civil airports airstrips

Anatoliy Bogoyavlensky
Chief Metrologist, FSUE State Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Systems

Problems of technical diagnostics of mechanical and electromechanical systems

Vladimir Pronyakin
Head of University Department “Metrology and Interchangeability”, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Perspective directions for training of highly qualified personnel in Bauman Moscow State Technical University on the basis of practical scientific results in the conditions of digital economy

Komshin Alexander
The Senior Lecturer of the Department "Metrology and Interchangeability", Senior Scientific Specialist of Scientific and Educational Engineering Center "Precision Metrological Support of Mechanical Engineering" of Bauman Moscow University

Digitalization of metrological support for industrial enterprises

Alexey Martalov
Chief Metrologist of FSUE "NIISU"

Security in digital manufacturing

Rustem Khayretdinov
Vice President of InfoWatch Group
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Khayretdinov Rustem graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. Lomonosov and graduate school of the Institute of Mechanics of Multiphase Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. More than 20 years working in the field of corporate information technology and information security. Headed commercial units in leading IT companies: Steepler, Dell Systems, City-Info, Kaspersky Lab, Netwell. In 2004, he headed the commercial unit of InfoWatch and within a few years brought InfoWatch to the leaders of the Russian market. In 2010 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of economic sciences, offering an innovative method for optimizing the costs of corporate information security. He leads active teaching activities in universities and corporate universities, published in specialized and business publications.

Use of machine vision in modern production: what can computer "see" and why is it needed?

Soroka Maxim
Director of LLC "ViTek"

Intellectual sensors for industrial automation

Shaimardanova Oksana
Head of Marketing Department of JSC "Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center"
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Graduated (with honors) from the Russian Academy of Sciences under the President of the Russian Federation in 2002.

Olga has 15 years of experience in innovation and commercialization of innovation.
Currently holds the position of head of the marketing and business development department of Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center JSC. Has a successful experience of presenting innovative high-tech projects. It is part of the Investment Committee of the Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center for the selection and development of innovative projects. Responsible for programs to develop business and industrial cooperation of microelectronics enterprises with holdings and instrument-making corporations and launch innovative companies' projects on the market.

After graduation she worked in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kaluga region (at the RF CCI), she headed the Business Development Center. Carried out the development of industrial development programs and international projects of enterprises in the region, including automotive instrumentation and energy. She held the position of Marketing Director at Avtopilot Automobile Navigation Systems LLC.

Industry 4.0: Big Data and Quality Management

Pavel Prieditis
Head of Monitoring Systems Division Zifra

Cartographic support of alternative navigation on geophysical fields of the Earth

Minligareev Vladimir
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Deputy Director for Research FSBI "Institute of Applied Geophysics named after Academician E. K. Fedorov"

Development of measurement systems based on modular equipment in the open international standards and their metrological support

Sergey Zaichenko
General Director Informtest Ltd

Safety use of unmanned aerial vehicle under impacts of electromagnetic pulses

Konstantin Sakharov
Head of Laboratory of Fundamental and application researches of electromagnetic pulses, of Doctor of Technical Sciences

Possibilities of ongoing monitoring and measuring of products geometrical parameters in the production process using technical vision systems and laser measurement sensors

Andrey Shaverin
Account Manager Industry Automotive OMRON Industrial Automation

International and Foreign Standards for NDT: Overview, Specifics of Acquisition and Use

Kim Stanislav
General Director of LLC "Normdocs"
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The Founder of LLC "Normdoks" - a commercial company providing services in the field of foreign standardization: delivery of foreign and international standards, services for the translation of standards, installation and implementation of the regulatory management system of KBNTI, marketing research on the basis of ND to enter new markets.
The standards are delivered on the basis of direct contracts with the standards companies or through a large international distributor Techstreet: ASTM, API, ASME, DIN, AS Plus (ONORM), MSS, NFPA, BSI, AWS, SAE, ASM, IEC and others.

Training of specialists in the field of standardization - state policy of the Russian Federation

Kostyleva Olga
Head of the Department "Standardization" of FSAEI AE "Academy of Standardization, Metrology and Certification (educational)"

Certification specifics for testing equipment of organizations carrying out defense contacts (GOST Р 8.568-2017 and GOST РВ 0008-002-2013)

Aleksandr Sidorin
General Director Service Certification, Expert of the Highest Category of SVC Military Register, Head Teacher in Personnel Training and Development Center of ANO Military Register

Using Russian data of remote sounding of the Earth for objective monitoring of critical infrastructure

Michail Berezkin
Leading Specialist of Marketing Department Russian Space Systems JSC

Industry 4.0 and Standartization

Arseny Korniliev
Project Manager for Russia and Eurasia ASTM International
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Arseniy Korniliev has held various positions at ASTM International since 2013. He is currently a process manager in the sales department, overseeing projects in Russia and Eurasia, supporting the MOU program (memorandums of understanding with national and regional standards bodies), serving as the point of contact for ASTM’s efforts in the region, as well as working on content and product development.

Pavel Stepanov
Financial Director "Geoscan" group of companies

Metrological assessment and ways of its expediting

Aleksander Lisogor
Head of Metrological Department Ostec-Electro Ltd

ESA Space Sensors

Igor Lotocky
Area Sales Manager Czech Republic, Eastern Europe, Baltic Republics, Balkan States, Finland, Russia and Countries CIS
Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG

Main directions for development of metrological support of priority industries

Aleksander Pankov
Deputy Head of Research Department for Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements in the development, testing and application of products

Measuring technologies and appllied solutions for industrial enterprises in the conditions of digital economy

Igor Latonov
Leading Implementation, Engineer, Candidate of Technical Sciences
Mitutoyo RUS Ltd