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A scientific and technical journal covering Russian measurement policy. Discusses topics of metrology, legislation, etc. Satisfies information needs of market participants, enterprises, research institutes, universities. Creates single space for interaction of science and industry.
Wings of the Homeland magazine has been published since 1950. Its circulation is 8,000 copies. Since 2012, it has been part of the pool of media outlets covering issues of the Russian defence industry and aviation. It links government agencies and aerospace industry enterprises.
All-Russian specialist magazine dedicated to automation, electronics and instrumentation. Seventeen impeccable years on the market of industrial information, winner of major industrial exhibitions (more than 600 exhibitions during its existence) and forums, leader on the market of specialized press.
" " these are professional and effective advertising campaigns implemented on the basis of the synergy of relevant content, the competent use of the capabilities of search engines, social networks and a friendly team of professionals.
Neftegaz.RU - the leader in the information market of fuel and energy complex since 2000. Information and analytical portal Market Neftegaz.RU - electronic platform of B2B-commerce. Business magazine Neftegaz.RU is a monthly publication included in the VAK list.
"The Chief Metrologist" is a magazine for metrology practitioners.The authors include leading specialists of VNIIMS - developers of the legal and regulatory framework for metrology, the country's best experts in metrological services, employees of the Unified Test Verification Centre, etc.
Business publication and web-portal - expert information resources in the field of international security for a wide range of interested readers. Editorials, analysis and information from leading experts and companies. A weekly digest for subscribers on security, economics.
The professional monthly scientific-production magazine "Automation and IT in Power Engineering" is addressed to specialists of the power industry who are interested in the latest developments in automation and information technology in the modern power industry.
Full-color monthly magazine. It tells about technologies, machines and equipment, materials, services of industrial services. The problems are considered in terms of novelty, relevance and efficiency. The main task is to help companies in choosing products, services, reliable business partners.
"TECHNOSPHERA is the editorial office for scientific and technical journals: Elektronika:NTB, covering problems of electronics; Nanoindustriya, on nanotechnology; Photonika, on optical systems; First Mile, covering issues related to subscriber access to information transmission networks, etc.
The business magazine "TOCHKA OPORY" is an authoritative business information resource, a source of professional solutions. The main thematic issues of the publication are devoted to the construction industry, security, energy, oil and gas complex, automation, communications, housing and utilities.
"Equipment Developments Technologies" is a technical magazine whose readers are specialists from industrial sectors. Main topics: experience in solving technological problems, successful cases, latest achievements, novelties from industrial sectors. Distributed by subscription in Russia.
"ISUP" magazine publishes news aimed at specialists whose field of activity is related to industrial automation, instrumentation, environmental monitoring, analytical equipment, testing systems. The magazine will be of interest to companies operating in the high-tech market.
The Internet portal on control and measuring instruments and means of automation of technological processes. On the site you will find information on measuring instruments, means of automation of production processes, the directory of manufacturers and suppliers, reference literature.
The site is a universal directory of domestic manufacturing companies. The convenient catalogue format contains information about well-known and newly appeared companies. The site is convenient for presentation of goods of own production by factories.
‘Suppliers of machinery and equipment’ is the No. 1 portal for the machine building industry and equipment market. More than 250,000 professionals from the machine building industry and industrial equipment market are represented on the portal, among whom you will find a reliable partner.
"Cement and its Applications" is a publication that has been in existence since 1901. The magazine cooperates not only with cement plants, concrete and dry construction mixtures producers, but also with scientific organisations and higher education institutions, which are its main subscribers.
"Laboratory & Production" is a publication for professionals in chemistry, materials science, life sciences, nano- and microtechnology. The main theme of the journal is the creation and research of new substances and materials: from basic science to industrial production.
An industry specialist magazine with news, reviews of the electrical industry and the market in all branches of electrical engineering, the creation and introduction of new equipment and new technologies, regulations, standards, and issues in the use of electrical engineering in various industries.
"Energy News" is an industry information agency that provides up-to-date and timely information on everything that happens in the energy market, allowing you to find out about all the events in the industry online and as objectively as possible.
A specialised industry internet portal aimed at providing all participants in the electrotechnical market with a convenient information, commercial platform.
The publishing house "Camelot Publishing", operating on the market for 20 years, offers you the scientific and technical journals "Gazovaya Promyshlennost" and "Terriya Neftegaz", included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russia.
Scientific and production journal ‘Labour Safety in Industry’. Founded in 1932 and is one of the authoritative publications in the field of industrial and fire safety, industrial ecology and labour protection. The journal is included in the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals.
"Compressor Technologies" is an industry magazine on compressor technology. At the time of its creation, Compressor Technologies magazine was Russia's only registered specialised publication on compressors and compressor equipment. is the leading media project focusing on the segments of shipbuilding, ship engineering, transport logistics and infrastructure. The readers of the project include heads of design bureaus, shipyards and engineering companies, ship owners and representatives of industry science.
Each issue of "Warehouse & Technology" magazine contains: logistics in events and facts; warehouse technology and equipment; building and equipping of terminals and warehouse complexes; modern cargo handling technologies; warehouse software; services provided in this field, etc.
"Basic Means" came out in 1994. Each issue contains up to 30 articles on vehicles, special equipment and various construction equipment. Readers: heads of construction companies; heads of construction departments; procurement specialists; analysts, marketing specialists.
Chemical Engineering is a cross-industry portal for chief specialists in the chemical, oil and gas and other industries. It covers modernisation and repair, reliability, industrial ecology, corrosion control, inspection and diagnostic methods, resource efficiency, digitalisation and more. is a popular information resource covering exhibitions around the world. The up-to-date events database helps the site's users to solve tasks comprehensively - from analysing the events market, to organising a turnkey stand, including related services and travel services.
News and information about the state and prospects of the domestic and world energy, oil and gas, chemical and coal industries, instrumentation, metallurgy - as applied to the energy sector; informative and analytical articles, interviews with leading experts, descriptions of new technologies.
"HELPINVER" international portal brings together more than ten thousand partners in the Russian Federation: municipal administrations, organisations of various forms of ownership and areas of activity, organisers of major congresses, forums, exhibitions, awards, competitions and other events. is a project aimed at promoting international exhibition events and popularising the exhibition projects connected to the system. processes and sends hundreds of applications from potential exhibitors to exhibition organisers every day.
Academy of Aeronautical Sciences and Aeronautics is registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russia. The task of ANAiV is to assist in the formation of scientific direction in the field of aviation, in solving technical problems, in the development state plans for economic, social development.
"Industrial Pages" is a federal magazine that presents research, analysis and trends in the industrial market, materials and production equipment. Technical industry solutions and production cases are described, and there are insider's views on industrial companies.
"Oil & Gas Industry" is an industry publication for specialists of oil and gas production and processing companies. The publication covers industry trends, current and promising technologies, equipment and solutions for oil production and refining companies.
"Control Engineering Russia" is a professional scientific and technical publication aimed at developers and system integrators as well as engineers and qualified decision-makers in industrial automation, embedded systems and other related fields.
"Electronic Components" is a magazine for electronic components. The magazine is a source of information for electronics developers, industry technical management, purchasing directors and a reliable marketing partner for electronic component manufacturers.
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