Test equipment

The Testing&Control exhibition presents a wide range of test equipment:

Climatic Testing Equipment:
• heat chambers
• moisture chambers
• thermal moisture chambers
• rain chambers
• frost and dew chambers
• pressure chambers
• thermal pressure chambers
• radiation chambers
• dust chambers
• sea fog cameras

Equipment for mechanical testing:
• vibration shakers and vibration stands
• shock testing machine
• centrifuges
• acoustic cameras
• testing machines for torsion / bending / tension / compression / breaking
• pendulums
• magnetic resonance machines

Equipment for electromagnetic tests:
• breakdown test facilities
• Helmholtz coils
• electromagnetic compatibility testing equipment

Exhibitors are manufacturers and suppliers of test equipment: BIA, EMT, EMCI, Vibration Research, Weiss Klimatechnik, BLM Synergy, Kazan Giproniiaviaprom, SANTEK 2, REOM, Sovtest ATE, Technopole Company and other companies.

In 2019, 1,880 visitors of the exhibition were interested in test equipment (60% of the total).
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Exhibiting at Testing&Control is an effective way of testing and measuring equipment promotion on the Russian market
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Visiting Testing&Control exhibition will help you solving major professional and business tasks in a convenient and time-saving manner
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