Non-destructive testing equipment / diagnostic and monitoring systems

The Testing&Control exhibition presents a wide range of non-destructive testing equipment and diagnostic and monitoring systems:
• thermal imagers
• electrical equipment
• leakseekers / reflectometers / metals detectors / insulation monitoring devices
• detectors / analyzers / scanners / thickness meters
• radar systems/ speed cameras
• gas leak detection devices / gas analyzers
• UV-cameras
• drones
• automated stands
• stands for verification and certification
• leak detection system (LDS)
• monitoring and control systems for engineering systems of buildings and structures
• systems for monitoring engineering structures
• engineering seismometric stations
• road vehicle monitoring system
• seismic control system

In 2023, 2 586 visitors of the exhibition were interested in non-destructive testing equipment and diagnostic and monitoring systems.
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Exhibiting at Testing&Control is an effective way of testing and measuring equipment promotion on the Russian market
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Visiting Testing&Control exhibition will help you solving major professional and business tasks in a convenient and time-saving manner
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