Analytical and laboratory control equipment

The Testing&Control exhibition presents a wide range of analytical and laboratory control equipment:
• spectrometers
• diffractometers
• microscopes
• gas analyzers
• chromatographs
• analyzers
• titrators
• moisture analyzers
• surface tension meters
• viscometers
• hardness testing
• sample preparation equipment
• weighing equipment
• software
• laboratory automation / robotics
• auxiliary laboratory equipment and materials
• laboratory furniture
• turn-key laboratories
• standardization, accreditation and certification of laboratories

In 2023, 1 156 visitors of the exhibition were interested in analytical and laboratory control equipment.
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Exhibiting at Testing&Control is an effective way of testing and measuring equipment promotion on the Russian market
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Visiting Testing&Control exhibition will help you solving major professional and business tasks in a convenient and time-saving manner
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