Bauman Moscow State Technical University Сenter of Nanotechnologies

105082, Russia, Moscow, Rubcovskaya nab., d. 2/18
Phone number
+7 (499) 2636531; +7 (926) 2660703
About company
Center of nanotechnology of Bauman Moscow State Technical University was established within the confines of Federal Targeted Investment Program since 2007. Activities of the Centre is divided into the three main directions: teaching undergraduate and graduate students of working on modern analytical equipment, holding a one-time research by different methods as a Center for collective use of analytical equipment, and main direction – carrying out applied R&D within the confines of economic contracts and grant works. Main directions of applied R&D carrying out by the staff of the Centre: studies of the space factors affects on materials and space devices, and develop solutions to protect such affects; research and development in area of thermoelectric materials and devices based on the Peltier-Seebeck effect; research and development in area of deposition (synthesis) and evaluation of thin functional coatings properties by different vacuum methods including diamond like carbon coatings.