Cleanroom Instruments

123298, Russia, Moscow, Marshal Malynovsky ulitsa, 6, stroenie 1, of. 3
Phone number
+7 (499) 1967727; +7 (499) 1967594
About company
NPC Cleanroom Instruments Ltd. specializes on the supply of instruments and devices for monitoring clean room parameters. NPC Cleanroom Instruments Ltd. is an exclusive and authorized dealer of airborne particle counters and monitoring systems produced by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions - the world’s leading supplier of real time contamination monitoring systems and airborne particle counters. On the basis of NPC Cleanroom Instruments Ltd. there is also a service center for calibration of Lighthouse instruments, their warranty and post-warranty repairs. Our staff has been trained in Lighthouse WS and has appropriate certificates for service. NPC Cleanroom Instruments Ltd. is also a dealer of Topas GmbH, Dwyer, Testo GmbH and Sunwoo (HCT) companies.
Lighthouse, Topas, Dwyer, Testo, HCT